Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flossie T. McSluttypants

Hello there, fellow adult-be-ers.

Today my beloved kitty, the renowned Flossie T. McSluttypants, is being spayed.  I woke early this morning (7:00 in the blasted AM), washed my face and put on clothes, called my ride to make sure she remembered she was taking me and Flossie to the Humane Society, and lay back down with my kittybaby until it was time to go.  Flossie curled up on top of me and we had a good snuggle.

For those who don't know Flossie, she is the very best, very sweetest, very prettiest, very nicest kitty in the whole world.  She and I became acquainted a few months ago when, on a dark and rainy night, I looked out my window and saw a pair of lovely green eyes looking in at me.  I walked over to the window, and she did not walk away.  I went outside and she simply sat by my window.  It seemed like she was waiting for me.  She was an obvious stray, but she was not afraid of me. She was probably one of the cats that hung around my apartment building, being fed and pampered by various residents.  I brought her in and gave her a little bathy.  We took to each other immediately.  The next day I bought litter, food, and cat toys.  I knew she was mine.

Flossie has turned me, from the time I took her in (I can't say I became her owner because who ever really owns a cat?) into a sort of blabbering idiot about her.  I say she is my catbaby and I am her kittymama and she is my parents' grandkitty.  I swore I would never be like this, but her cuteness has overcome me.  Kitty snuggles have melted my once strong brain.  Who could resist this, though?  Look at these wonderful pictures:

 Flossie playing in my sock drawer
Flossie looking at the camera with disdain.

More pictures are to come when I download them from my phone because I know that there is nothing you are more interested in than my cat.

Monday, May 16, 2011


This blog is dedicated to all the late bloomers.  I know what late blooming is.  In fact I'm thirty, and I still consider myself a bud, my blooming is so late.  An interesting thing happened to me recently, though.  I realized that I'm a grownup.  Even though I still don't a have a college degree (I'm going back to school this fall) or a career or enough money to pay my bills, I'm a grownup.  I'm slowly but surely learning to make decisions that are more and more responsible, I'm taking a women's multivitamin, and I've passed the stage where I can be called a child prodigy.

So the point of this blog is in some part to bask in awe and wonder at my amazing responsible adulthood and in another part to remind myself to keep remembering to do all those awesome adulty things I've been doing.  And gossip and cooking and crafts, lots and lots of crafts I hope.  I hope I have time for them (if I ever get my apartment clean, the first plan is to lay out the newspapers I've been saving up and do something crafty on them).  And also pictures of cute girls.