Sunday, July 24, 2011


I wrote this in my journal a couple of nights ago when I was very sick, but could not sleep because decongestants make me jittery.  I'm getting over my cold now, but my blog for the next couple of entries will all be about thoughts I had while I was slowly dying (I thought) alone in my apartment of the worst cold ever.

My nose is stuffed. My ears are clogged.  My throat is sore. My lips are chapped, and I have two giant pimples on my chin having a contest to see which can get the biggest and reddest the fastest.

I've missed three days of word at my brand new job.  Ants have conquered and colonized my apartment.  There is a fungus growing in my tub that I'm having second thoughts about cleaning because I'm starting to feel we have a personal relationship.

The clean laundry is piled up in the bedroom.  The dirty laundry is piled up in the bedroom.  The cats are using both for beds.  The sheets are washed but are not on my bed.  The bed is covered with mail and bills.  The bills are unpaid.

I am unpaid until I get over this blasted cold and get back to work.

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