Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shae, I Will Never Feed Your Daughter to a Giant Guinea Pig Again

So I'm in a bad way, ya'll.  I had a seizure, and I think it was from pure stress because there is nothing but stress going on in my life right now.  It started yesterday.  I woke up from this horrible dream where I had fed my best friend's disabled daughter to a giant Guinea pig.  I didn't do it on purpose.  I was just in my apartment, and there was this cage with a Guinea pig in it, but it was in bad shape (the pig, not the cage.  The cage was very nice).  And I looked at it and thought, oh great, Hilary, another thing you have failed to take care of and thus destroyed.  And then I looked closer, and there was Maddie, and the Guinea pig was eating  her.  And I was horrified.  Then I woke up and freaked out and called Shae so I could tell her to make sure Maddie was all right, but the phone just rang and rang and rang.  And then I really woke up.  I'm constantly having dreams within dreams.  I'm like Inception that way.

So I spent the day crying and coughing because I had this horrible dream and one of my friends is mad at me and I couldn't figure out how I managed to fuck things up so royally.  So I decided to go visit Shae, but I got stuck at a bus stop because the horrible bus system here decided that people don't need to ride the bus after seven PM.  So I called Shae, but I got confused about what street I was on, and she had to drive all around town looking for me.  Then she helped her roommate move in while I hung out with Maddie until way late because I was feeling major guilt about my dream the night before.

My subconscious sucks.

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